• Round Table: 23.01.14

    Have your say! Take part in the weekly Round Table questions and give the developers your input on how you visualize the new, innovative MMO. more
  • RoundTable: 12.12.13

    You and your character have to start EverQuest Next somewhere, right? And it will most likely be the starting area. That sounds pretty much straight forward but still holds so many possibilities – and it is up to you to voice what’s on your mind! more
  • Round Table: December 5th

    Content for groups is one of the things that make MMOs great. But what if your friends are not online or if you are new and don’t know anyone yet? Participate in the new Round Table poll and share your thoughts to let us know your preferences! more
  • Round Table: November 21st

    Economy – for some players this is one of the most important parts of a MMO! That’s why it’s important for you to cast your vote in this week's Round Table poll concerning NPC merchants. more
  • And the winner is… – EverQuest Next picks up more awards

    It's not just roleplay fans that are all fired up about EverQuest Next, even the gaming press has been wowed by the quality of the title. The number of awards that the upcoming part of the EverQuest saga is winning is a case in point ‒ and that’s months before its official release. more

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